Your Love Letters to Me

Because of how great I am, I often find myself overwhelmed with positive, enthusiastic responses to me and my work.  In order to be able to keep track of your compliments, support, and adoration, I’ve created this page where you can say all that stuff in the comments.  This is NOT the place to post criticism or insults–if you want to post something like that, you’re probably thinking of a DIFFERENT Chris Braak.



  1. You are indeed the most handsomest man I know. Now where’s my check?

    • Wonderful performance in Shakespeare`s today!
      Thank u for the balloon:)

  2. Chris Braak is the most amazing being in existence. Although, I’ve never actually met him…but I’ve no doubt anyone would know him by the scent of his sandalwood annointed hands and the warm, auric fuzziness of his radiant visage. Again, I’ve not actually seen him…but I’ve heard he’s extremely handsome from a very reliable source. We’d likely have to avert our eyes, anyhow. It’s a spiritual thing. Don’t ask me to explain. Speaking of that, I wonder if he ever actually wanted me to spill blood in his name because what if there’s no place for me in the moon palace, y’ know? Like, what if everyone looks like “Barbarella” and I have to compete with a harem of other followers who have been just as dedicated as I? There are many questions left to be answered and some things we are not meant to know. It’s all some mystical, mysterious, magical, moon thing.

  3. Chris Braak is super special and incredibly good looking. Although, I’ve never actually seen him… but I’ve read–from a reliable source–that he is very handsome.

  4. Great post! Just wanted to let you know you have a new subscriber- me!

  5. It’s exceedingly difficult to track down any sort of contact information for Chris Braak – I blame his good looks. However, Mr. Braak, if you’d be so good to e-mail me, I have a very very important question for you regarding The Translated Man. And your good looks. Mostly The Translated Man, though.

  6. Also wanted to complement you on your ravishing good looks, in addition to The Translated Man (bought this past week). Loved pretty much all of it. Any plans for another Trowth novel, another Beckett work, or (dare I say it?) a Ted East pulp? Glad it bought it online – their postage rates were usurious, but the PDF worked quite well.

    • The Translated Man is actually the first book in a planned four-part series. The second book, Mr. Stitch, should be available in June. Hopefully, the third and fourth ones will come out in fewer than three years.

      Some consideration of Ted East pulps–possibly even in the style of those fun Ace double-novellas, is under way.

      Finally: we’re looking into switching over our publishing methods, which should make The Translated Man available for less, and will also make the early Lulu editions of the book part of a limited edition collector’s series. Hopefully, this will offset the completely RIDICULOUS shipping charges that Lulu imposes.

      • Chris, you charming devil – just wanted to see how Mr. Stitch was coming along (since it is June), and whether you’d thought about making your books available via iBooks – just got it on my iPhone, and it’s definitely promising. Read Translated Man on it via Stanza, so definitely up for another that way, if your publishing plan fell through.

      • Ahh! Well, technically, I have five more days left of June to make Mr. Stitch available!

        Buuuuut….June was a little optimistic. The draft of the book is done, but I won’t be finished editing it by the end of the month. I’m tentatively saying July right now, because I think July is a totally plausible thing to say.

        The first draft is done, for serious, though; people have seen it and everything.

  7. Just saw your book on amazon and bought it immediately. Cannot wait to read it. As for previous comments, the Chris Braak is exceedingly hard to track down, especially by old college drinking buddies who miss him desperately! I suppose I will have to content myself with the book, which comes highly recommended and I’m sure will be delightful, as I know the Chris Braak to be exceptionally talented as well as handsome. (Hopes the flattery will get a response).

    • Hi, Caitlin.

  8. Hello,

    A couple months ago my mother told me a woman she knew from knitting (or something)-‘s son wrote a book, and that I should read it.

    I thought that was an odd way to get introduced to a book, but my mom has never steered me wrong (as far as books go at least) before, so I ordered a copy of The Translated Man.

    Well, it showed up several weeks late, because apparently it is a book of such inexplicable awesomeness that it found love in another copy of itself and somehow smuggled the second copy to my door as well.

    Anyway I just wanted to say that I thought the book was fantastic, and well worth the wait. Also your website is a bastion of win.

  9. As I was getting notifications of new mail to this thread mainly so that I knew when the new book came out, maybe others have done the same.

    So – Mr. Stitch is out. Physical form, even! Hopefully I can get my copy in time for Christmas.

  10. Hi Chris

    I tried to preview your ebook via Amazon as I’m genuinely interested, but Amazon wanted me to agree to them putting more-than-just-the-preview on my computer as part of their Cloud experience. At least, that’s how it looks. I guess I’ll have to hand over my money, chapter unseen.

    Given the theme of this page, I should ask: does the preview include an author photo?


    Oswald B.

    • It does not have my picture, so far as I know. At least, if it DOES have my picture in it, it’s not something that Amazon specifically asked me about before they just did it. I don’t for sure know WHAT that’s about!

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