Short Stories

Welcome to Chris Braak’s Short Story page!  Because I am great, and love all of humanity (except for Communists, naturally), I have made a concentrated effort to provide much of my short story work FOR FREE, here on the internet.  Most of these stories can be found at Threat Quality Press, except for the ones that I’m under contract not to reprint anywhere.

Short Stories–available for free at TQP:

“Elijah Beckett’s Job”

“The Curse”

“My Heinleins Crumble to Dust in my Hands”

“The Uncanny Death of Ozymandius McKaye”

“Savour and Stone” (fragment)

“The End of the World”

“We Are Shepherds”

“The Life and Death of Spider Vetter”

“The Life of Linus Feathersmith”–a selection

“The Day Your Life Stood Still”

“The Locked Eye”

“The Emergent Mind”



“The Hangman’s Daughter” — available in Black Gate Magazine #14

“Leaving the 20th Century” — published as “Edison Cluster’s” in the New School’s Canon Literary Magazine.

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