The Translated Man and Mr. Stitch are the first two novels in a planned four-part series.  The third novel, In Corsay, will be available in 2011 uhm, eventually. (Unavoidable delays; will give a release date when we’ve got one.)

The Translated Man and Other Stories by Chris Braak

An exciting new edition!

The gray, icy city of Trowth is hollowed out by war, and now haunted by the degenerate spawn of a monstrous science. Only a drug-addicted detective and a young man with a gift for mathematics have the means to solve an enigmatic murder–a murder that may be the key to saving Trowth from certain destruction.

This new version of the The Translated Man comes with three additional short stories in the same setting — essential reading for anyone that wants to know what’s going on in the planned third volume, In Corsay.  It includes “The Hangman’s Daughter”, previously published by Black Gate Fantasy Magazine; “Elijah Beckett’s Job”, previously published and available here at TQP; and “Cresy and the Sharpsie”, a never-before-seen NEW short story.

$11.99 at the TQP store! $4.99 in the Kindle store!


Mr. Stitch by Chris Braak

Now available!

It is three years after the second launch of the aethership “Excelsior”; the Ettercap War has ended and Trowth has returned to a traumatized semblance of normalcy, but is now menaced by an unseen adversary.  A terrifying, merciless hand has seized control of the heresies in Trowth, and is using them to bring down the Empire itself.

The city’s unsung hero–diseased, drug-addicted, Detective Inspector Elijah Beckett–is the only man who can save Trowth from herself, but his own mind and body have begun an inexorable spiral into decay, from which he may never be able to recover.

Now Available!  $11.99 at the TQP Store! Kindle and iPad editions are on their way.



  1. Chris, The Translated Man is brilliant. As good as Vandermeer or anything else out there. Please finish the next book and get it on the market. Everyone I have recommended it to is flabbergasted by how good it is. Yours,

  2. Great! Looking forward to the drm-free ebook edition!

    • Well, amazingly fortunately for you, both The Translated Man and Other Stories and Mr. Stitch are available in DRM-free electronic versions.

      Well, you might have to give Mr. Stitch some time. But, like, by tomorrow, definitely.

      • Got them both, and really enjoyed them! Thank you!

  3. After racking my brain to find the perfect words to describe the two novels of yours that I have read, The Translated Man and Mr. Stitch,both books fascinated me every minute with the intricacies of the City of Trowth, the greatest detective ever to hit literature since Sherlock Holmes, the depth of description and great lengths you went to to describe the different heretical sciences so that even someone like me, a highschool student who has almost no experience or knowledge on anything remotely related to what would be considered heretical science, could find himself feeling a sense of knowledgeable understanding of aetheric geometry or using strange, otherworldly chemicals to revive the dead, and so on. I tried to come up with a sentence that best describes how I felt about the series, which, to my understanding, there is going to be a third book, and the closest thing I could come up with is this, “You scared the living ichor out of me when [Oh, whoah! Spoilers, man!]!” Also, I almost vomited, for lack of a better word, when I first read the description of the Translated Man, how his trans-dimensional physics kept his body flowing in and out of reality, and all of the limbs and body parts existing and non-existing a hundred times and none all at the same time, all the while having that disgusting death scowl watching everything from a hundred different times just freaked me out. This comment in getting out of hand, but I just want to say, that all of your work is excellent.

    • Your comments are appreciated! (Sorry about the edit, though; I figure it’s good enough odds that anyone here has read The Translated Man, but maybe not Mr. Stitch.) The third book, In Corsay is in progress now.

      • Bahahaha, that’s fine. I guess I assumed that if anyone had read the Translated Man, they had read Mr. Stitch. My bad. You know, this is really cool, actually having the privilege to talk to an aspiring author such as yourself. I have to ask, what was your main inspiration for the character Elijah Beckett. Speaking of which, I’m working on some pixel animations of what I imagine Beckett looks like from your descriptions. I have no idea when they’ll be finished, as my Kindle (actually, 3 of them) broke and I only have a vague recollection of how you described him, mainly his clothing, and my skills in pixel art are anything but perfect. Anyway, can’t wait until In Corsay is finished.

  4. Hi there. I just want to say thank you for the excellent book “The Translated Man”, I got hooked by the premise (stumbled upon it via io9), bought the book and now part of the raving fanbase. Mr Stitch is on its way. Greets from Germany.

  5. I must say, Mr. Braak, The Translated man has inspired someone who has hated reading all of his life to begin reading it religiously. I cannot wait to pick up Mr. Stitch and the third installment to the series. Thank you for your work and inspiration.

  6. Just seeing how the third one’s going. 🙂

  7. Chris,
    I have been waiting diligently gor your third book, all I receive are messages that it will be out in 2011. Are you on a different calendar than the rest of us?

    • Yes. The Calendar of the Moon does not keep the same yearly dates as your earthly calendars.

      The third book has been delayed, I don’t have an ETA on it yet. I will post one once I have one.


    • Heh. In all seriousness, I waited eagerly for Daniel Keys Moran’s next book, which just came out last year. His novel before that was in 1993.

  9. Hi. I wanted to thank you for your fine books. I have read the two novels and the second errata. Great stories. I appreciate that you do not loose sight of telling the story, a problem that I have found in China Mieville’s later work. I understand that sometimes books are delayed but that doesn’t lessen the disappointment.

    Good luck with the next book.

  10. We are now in 2013. Any news on the third novel? Don’t mean to belittle the time demands of the creative process but would love to read more of your work.

  11. Ooof, you guys are killing me. Here’s the deal: I appreciate that you want the next book, I really do, it means a lot. And I definitely want to get it to you all.

    But you got to understand, I make basically no money on these things, and that means that I have to spend a lot of time working on other projects that either do get me money, or at the very least MIGHT get me money.

    In Corsay is in process, I swear. It’ll be ready….you know, when I can finish it.

    If you want it done sooner, I highly recommend that you write to all your publisher friends and urge them to give me gigantic monetary advances.

    • Thanks for keeping us in the loop! I’m definitely looking forward to it, and I hope you manage to get the recognition you deserve from these books.

  12. Chris,
    Have you considered taking preorders? Personally, I would pay for a couple copies in advance, to help you financially while you worked on it. Why not ask your anxious readers to do the same? I don’t know this would be practical, but as a fan of your work, I thought I would make the suggestion.

    • I have — I even had the machinery in place to set up a kickstarter for a while — but my estimates suggested that I wouldn’t be able to raise quite enough money to let me devote a significant portion of my time to writing.

      It is still on the table, though, and may be feasible at some point.

      For right now, the most practical strategy is to hope that someone is going to pick up this book proposal I’m working on for another project.

  13. Oh, I guess also if any of you guys know someone in Philadelphia who wants to rent a house, that would be SUPER helpful.

  14. hi, please let me know if this book have a related things about “the holographic universe” or “interactions between body and mind” like making objects move or appear or disappear of the body or its organ ?? I wonder if it is about super ability of the mind and it’s power to take journey beyond this ordinary universe and find answers or knowledge ?
    what’s the meaning of corsay? I ve heart it in a dream I dont have any background about it

  15. have you thought about Patreon?

  16. Sucks to be becoming famous on the Internet, doesn’t it?

    I’ve come across several references to your work, started looking.

    Best of luck proceeding.

    • What Danny and Hank said. Consider a Patreon or Kickstarter. Loved The Translated Man.

  17. I see Mr. Stitch is available in Kindle now: $3.99

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