Sally Ride Memorial Art

August 9, 2012

“Thus Shall You Go to the Stars”

Dr. Sally Ride passed away recently.  She was the first American woman in space, and she was an inspiration to a lot of people.  In response to her death, my friend Casey Conan — to whom Sally Ride was particularly inspirational — made the art above.

I think it is pretty fantastic, so this is what I want I am going to do.

I am making it available as a desktop wallpaper, for free, here:

1600 x 1200

1680 x 1050

I am also going to sell poster prints of it, and t-shirts with the image on it.  ALL proceeds from these sales will go to the Sally Ride Pancreatic Cancer Initiative, through Sally Ride Science (an organization that I suggest you familiarize yourself with — it is dedicated to instilling a love of science in technology in young people, but particularly in girls), and managed by the UCSD Moore’s Cancer Center.  Because fuck cancer, you know?

Apparently, we now have a store on Zazzle, where you can get several of these things.

This is the poster print.

This is the men’s t-shirt.

This is the women’s t-shirt.


One comment

  1. Very nice – a great tribute to an amazing woman.

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