Hello and Welcome!

March 6, 2009

This is the official internet presence of the illustrious playwright and novelist Chris Braak.  This is the place to get all of your Chris Braak information, Chris Braak merchandise, Chris Braak news, and to deliver your Chris Braak Love Letters.

What you’re reading right now is a helpful navigation post, that will give you some handy and pertinent information about Chris Braak, and about the Chris Braak Website Experience.

If you’d please temporarily divert your attention to the right side of your computer screen, you’ll see a variety of secondary pages.  These include a brief and 100% factual biography of Chris Braak; a page faithfully devoted to providing you as much access as possible to the LIFE-CHANGING WORKS of Chris Braak; a helpful FAQ to answer some common questions associated with Chris Braak; and a place where you can post positive affirmations about Chris Braak, so that we can have all of that stuff in one place.

Now that you’ve looked at the right side of your screen, and subsequently returned your eyes here, you may want to return to the main Chris Braak page.  After you do this, you’ll see below this navigation post any number of news items designed to keep you up-to-date on the EVER MORE INTERESTING LIFE of Chris Braak.

Or, you may not see them.  Maybe you went blind abruptly, or the internet had an ayuerism, or something.

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